Touch Typing

Get better at touch typing by trying these links below:

Dance Mat Typing – Site by the BBC where you can make your way through all 12 stages to be the “top typist”.

Typer Racer – The object of Typing Race is to drive as far as you can before running out of gas!




Keyboard Challenge – Your job is to put a keyboard back together.


Alpha Munchies – Type the letters above the critters as they fall from the sky!


Keyboard Climber – Help the monkey get to the top by typing.

 Type Rocket – How fast can you type?




Super Hyper Spider Typer– Help the spider climb by typing letters or words.

Typing Club – Go to this site to learn how to improve your typing speed for Grades 3-6.
Keyman – A pacman game, but you must type the letters to change directions and avoid the bad guys






Typing Bubbles – Type the letter in the bubbles.








 Typing Adventure – Type the letters to make your way to the treasure.







Keybricks- Destroy the colour block sections by typing the letter.

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