Numeracy Games

Woodlands Maths Zone: A collection of interactive games for all students.


Sheppard’s Math Games: Choose which maths skills you want to practise on this fun website.

Who wants to be a Mathionaire? Addition quiz

Easy                                                                     Hard

Fuel the Brain – Numerous maths games









Maths Playground – Lots of fun games to give your brain a workout.

Money Master: Improve your money skills with this website below

Money Master

Fun Brain -Games to improve your number skills.

Topic Box – This website has a huge variety of maths games and activities that are fun to play.

Get Smart – More fun interactive maths activities to explore.

Primary Games Arena – Maths games suitable for all ages.

Maths is Fun – Lots of enjoyable maths and logic games to play.





A+ Click – Maths and logic problems



Cool Maths: Lots of games to practise your maths skills.

Enrich – Challenging maths problems and games.















ICT games – Fun maths games including Saucer Sorter and Dinosaur Dentist.


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