Year 1

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Welcome to the blog for Year 1 at Ormond Primary School.  Here in this blog space we are wanting to share with you all the exciting things that are going on in our level from literacy, numeracy, inquiry and more.


Over the last few weeks in maths we have been revising counting as well as learning about mass and capacity. In class we have been hefting and comparing how heavy objects are in comparison to each other and learning that capacity is the amount that you can fill an object until it’s full. We have also been revising our skip counting by 2s, 5s and 10s. We love watching the ‘Penguin Rap’ and are become quite good at it. Some of us have also been practising starting skip counting from different starting points eg 4,9,14,19 etc.

Another website we have been using in counting is number trains, I have also added a couple of new sites for extra practice. Happy learning!

skip count

number trainscapacity

loud and quiet


bunny balance










There is a bit of content to catch up on and the term has flown by so quickly. In maths we have still been working with a focus on place value, addition and subtraction. We have also looked at the location of and direction to locations using words such as left of, right of, behind, in front of in between etc. ABCya is a great website with many different activities that we have used. Some of the favourites are included below.

jet ski    maths linemarble drop




In literacy, as you may have heard we have been using a program ‘Teach your Monster to Read’. The students have keenly completed the first two games, First Steps and Fun with Words. They were extremely excited that the site released game 3 Champion Reader. We have been regularly using this program in class, several children have asked for home logins, however we would prefer them to have something to look forward to at school.   If you would like a reading program at home Reading Eggs is fantastic for all levels of reading.

Our inquiry unit Back in Time is coming to an end but we have learnt so much. The last few weeks  we have found out about clothes, houses and toys of the past. I have added a few links of our class room pages we’ve used for the children to have a go at.

victorian housetoys




Hopefully this will help keep their minds learning and exploring over the 2 week break!

Miss M


Last week the students have been working on their mental subtraction strategies including practicing counting back and finding the difference between. They have been learning subtraction strategies with basic takeaway problems so that we can then continue to applying these skills into more complex problems. We have been again learning with Flynn and Dodley from the ABC splash website and include a few other links we have used in class.

simple take awayelmomy placesub flyn and dodley





In inquiry, Back in Time,  we have been looking at a few online resources to help us understand about life in the past. My Place is a fantastic site that shows the transformation of homes in Australia from when we first settled at year of 1788 to a house in 2008. It is based on a book my Nadia Wheatley which was then made into an ABC series. The children get to see inside these houses and can click on various items to find out what they are.


In maths this week we were learning about probability and the chance of events happening. The children really enjoyed using the language of probability in discussing whether and event was certain of happening and we made up some crazy events that would be impossible. They really enjoyed the adventure of Flynn and Dodly to the beach learning about chance on the ABC  Splash  website and we also practiced whether events are more or less likely to happen.

will ir rain today

and       probability wheel

In literacy we have been using many describing words and beginning to write information reports. We will keep you updated with some literacy resources as they come up in class.


This week in maths we have been leaning about measurement. The children are expected to be learning about measuring using informal units for example hands, feet and unifix. We also went on to exploring the use of rulers and measuring our class long red scarf.  Measurement skills can be practised anytime at home. Here are some online links for more practise.

measure comic





In Literacy we were starting to learn about talking marks within our text of the week, Lenny and the Comet. The students were discussing why we need talking marks and also learning to use speech bubbles to show what is being said. We practised making our own comics showing speech in our short story. See what you can do at home…


Over the last few weeks we have had a strong focus on place value. The students explored with concrete materials how a number is made up of tens, ones, even hundreds! We also practised this skill with some exciting online activities that now can be used at home 🙂

base 10 fun     and        fruit shoot


This week in numeracy we were learning about how to sort and represent information in way that is clear and organised. In class the students were learning about how to create and interpret graphs. We learnt through several games and videos. You can keep practising at home.

Brain Pop Jnr Video Tally Charts and Graphs

Fruit Fall graph maker







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